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  • Can I install Covana myself?
    No. All Covana models must be installed by an authorised Covana Dealer. Click here to search the nearest to you.
  • Can it be built on to decking or surround paving?
    The Oasis must be installed on the same floor level as the spa. Any surround decking must be removable to allow for access. The Oasis should be fixed to the same concrete slab which the spa is situated on with suitable masonry fixings. See supplementary plans for minimum slab dimensions.
  • Can it be sunken in a pit?
    Yes. The Legend must be fixed to the floor adjacent to the swim spa. If the Legend is sunk either partially or fully the pit must be designed to remain dry to avoid water damage to the components. It cannot be backfilled as access will be required along both long sides for future servicing (minimum space from swim spa is 600mm on either side). Any adjacent decking platform must allow for access. See supplmentory plan.
  • Can I put the key switch next to the Covana?
    With all Covana the key switch must be installed a minimum of 1.5m away from the unit and positioned 1.5m high. You must have full view of the Covana when operating for safety reasons. No remote option available.
  • What servicing is required?
    All Covana models should be serviced annually. See user manual for maintenance procedure.
  • Is my spa suitable for an Oasis?
    Oasis are available in just one-size. As a guide the largest spa it can fit is 8ft (2.35m). Smaller spas are limited by the domed roof opening. There is also a limit on the minimum height of spa. Please see supplementary size guide.
  • What power does the Oasis require?
    It requires a 13 amp 220/240v protected supply. This provides power to operate the cover and the LED roof lights. You will require a suitable outdoor cable and plug (not included).
  • I don’t want to install permanent fixings into my new paving, is there an alternative method?"
    Yes. Optional non-permanent mounting plates (pack of 4) can be used which slide underneath the spa to use the weight of the spa to hold the Covana in place.
  • Are all the Oasis blinds the same size?
    No. When ordering from the choice of four blinds for the Oasis or Evolution models you need to confirm which sides the blinds are being fitted as the Oasis has both long and short sides. The short sides are on the left and right if the front entrance is facing towards you. See supplementary Covana parts list document.
  • Will the Legend fit over my swim spa?
    It is imperative that all the dimensions of your swim spa are confirmed at point of order. A common mistake is to order based on the manufacturers published size which may differ from the actual. The size ranges from 12ft (3.66m) to 20ft (6.1m) long in 1ft increments. All Legends are the same width with a maximum swim spa width of 8ft (2.43m). Optional brackets maybe required depending on the height of the swim spa. See supplementary plan.
  • What power supply does the Legend require?
    The Legend is battery operated which will do 80 lifts between charges (supplied with spare battery). No mains power version available.
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