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Performance Generator

Triumph is in reach with the Covana Legend, the automated cover that helps you get the most out of your workouts.  In addition to providing easy access to your swim spa, the Legend always protects you from the elements, so you can keep your body and mind focused on boosting your potential and achieving your goals. This environment is designed to eliminate any barrier to your success.


Compatible Swim Spas

Most rectangular swim spas whose dimensions meet these specifications*:

  • Flat and parallel walls on both sides
  • Flat surface at least 2.5 cm (1 in) wide on top of spa
  • Width between 229 cm and 236 cm (90 in and 93 in)


  • Maximum length:
  • Legend 16ft: Max 495 cm (194 3/4 in) Swim Spa 
  • Legend 17ft: Max 525 cm (206 3/4 in) Swim Spa
  • Legend 18ft: Max 556 cm (218 3/4 in) Swim Spa
  • Legend 19ft: Max 586 cm (230 3/4 in) Swim Spa
  • Legend 20ft: Max 614 cm (241 3/4 in) Swim Spa


  • Height between 118 cm and 158 cm (47 in and 62 in)

*Check compatibility with your local retailer.


Power Supply

24 V battery pack and charger compatible with: 230V, 50 Hz, 10 A



Space Saving

Unlike traditional spa covers that often take up too much space, the Covana Legend has been smartly designed to maximize your personal space. Rediscover the pleasure of your swim spa in an uncluttered environment that is sleeker and more welcoming than ever.


Quiet Operation

Enjoy quiet operation, the most discreet in the entire Covana range. With its exclusive geared motor and electronic circuit board, the Covana Legend cover gently rises and lowers for a welcoming and calming experience.


Hassle-Free Battery-Powered

The battery-powered Legend offers a practical, space-saving solution. The reliable battery powers the cover with ease with no electrical installation required.

Legend - 16ft to 20ft

  • 16ft, 17ft, 18ft, 19ft & 20ft (4.88m to 6.10m) 
    Extra Escape Hatch Not avaible for 16ft
    Extended Brackets - Swim spas over 54” high (set of 4)
    Dual Side Brackets - Swim Spas less than 49” & greater than 61” high (set of 4)

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