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Your own private sanctuary

The flagship of our line, the Covana Oasis enhances your spa experience by immersing you in a world of relaxation. Its sloping roof protects you as it limits accumulations, while its ambient lighting warmly envelops you in an atmosphere that is as captivating as it is relaxing. Experience memorable moments, far from prying eyes, stress, and Bad weather.


Compatible Hot Tubs

Most square or rectangular spas whose dimensions meet these specifications*:

  • Flat surface at least 2.5 cm (1 in) wide on top of spa
  • Maximum width: 234 cm (92 in)
  • Maximum length: 249 cm (98 in)
  • Minimum height: 86 cm (34 in) / Maximum: 122 cm (48 in)


*Check compatibility with your local retailer.


Power Supply

Compatible with: 230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A Residential power



Integrated Ambient Lighting

The Covana Oasis features a multi-option LED lighting system.  The colours can flow smoothly together to create a soothing space or come alive for a more dynamic and festive ambiance.


Sloped Roof

The natural slope of the Covana Oasis reduces water and snow accumulation for greater peace of mind.


Increased Privacy

Discover our selection of shades designed especially for the Covana Oasis. Choose from different levels of opacity and enjoy your hot tub in complete privacy.


Closed: Its water-tight seal reduces the spa’s heating costs due to its superior insulation value while, at the same time, preventing undesirable access, thus protecting your investment for as long as you own it! (In contrast, more traditional covers rarely last more than 3 years!)


Open: Within 20 seconds, you have a modern, elegant gazebo that protects you against storms and harmful ultraviolet radiations, providing you with an intimate, private space where you can dream, think and reflect, thanks to retractable shades available as an option.

Oasis - 8ft x 8ft

  • The optional Rainforest Panoramic blinds, comes with a set of three sides. The left, back and right to create a photo realistic setting for any hot tub customer.

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