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Comfort Reinvented

Innovation meets simplicity with the Covana Evolution. While its flat roof seduces with a modern, refined aesthetic, its main asset is the ingenious modular design that allows it to be adjusted for most spa configurations. Brilliant for its versatility and functional elegance, the Evolution offers optimal relaxation without fuss nor compromise.


Compatible Hot Tubs

Most square, rectangular or round spas whose dimensions meet these specifications*:

  • Flat surface at least 2.5 cm (1 in) wide on top of spa
  • Maximum width: 236 cm (92 3/4 in)
  • Maximum length: 342 cm (134 1/2in)
  • Minimum height: 86 cm (34 in) / Maximum: 122 cm (48 in)


*Check compatibility with your local retailer.


Power Supply

Compatible with: 230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A Residential power



Modern Design

The Covana Evolution’s straight, uncluttered shape gives it an air of modernity. The product integrates easily into a variety of layouts and is especially suited to contemporary-style properties.


Versatile Format

The Covana Evolution is distinguished by its modular design. It is equally suitable for round, rectangular and square spas.


Increased Privacy

Discover our selection of shades designed especially for the Covana Evolution. Choose from different levels of opacity and enjoy your hot tub in complete privacy.

Evolution - 11ft x 8ft

  • The Rockies shade pays tribute to the majesty of the renown Canadian landscape. Imagine taking this sunny path through the Rockies and breathing in the heady aromas of the conifers while contemplating inspiring views of snow-capped mountain tops.

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